About Us

The Urban Schools Human Capital Academy (USHCA) is a national nonprofit helping urban districts become great managers of teacher and principal talent.  Established in 2011, USHCA offers a sustainable method for addressing the unique human capital needs of urban school districts by building the capacity of district staff to better recruit, deploy, and retain highly effective teachers and principals.  USHCA currently works in over 15 urban districts across the United States.

The Need

The quality of the teacher in the classroom, followed by the leader of the school, are the two most important factors in increasing student achievement [1] – approximately 80-85% of school district budgets are allocated towards people costs [2].  Therefore, district leaders must understand how to proactively manage this enormous investment and asset to deliver the best outcomes for students.

District Human Resources (HR) departments are ideally situated to manage the talent of their workforce in support of student learning. Yet, many HR teams operate with a transactional and compliance orientation. Without efforts to address systemic deficiencies in district human capital management practices, even the most ambitious education reform plans will fall short and prove unsustainable.

Our Response

We are driven by our vision and mission to drastically improve district human capital management to put the best talent in front of all students.  Our team of leaders and experts bring a breadth of experience as human capital leaders and change agents. Learn more about our work, clients and partners.



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