How is HR supporting STEM teaching?
This brief online assessment will help you to assess your system’s ability to recruit, assign, develop, retain and leverage effective STEM teachers. The assessment is organized around the following essential components to any human capital strategy:
  1. Hiring the highest quality STEM teachers consistently – How can HR teams build a strong pool of STEM teachers and improve the quality of new hires over the long-term? How does this differ by STEM field?
  2. Growing STEM teachers’ skills quickly and continuously – How can HR teams working with Academics accelerate the effectiveness of novice STEM teachers and grow the skills of all STEM teachers continuously? How does this differ by STEM field?
  3. Deploying STEM teachers to schools and classrooms deliberately – How can HR support effective STEM teachers’ equitable deployment to schools and students? How does this differ by STEM field?
  4. Retaining the best STEM teachers strategically – How can HR target its retention strategies – at the system and school levels – to ensure the effective STEM teachers are retained? How does this differ by STEM field?
  5. Creating conditions for success – How can HR collaborate with teachers, and other internal and external stakeholders? How can HR support principals as human capital managers? What data, policies and processes need to be leveraged in order to drive improvement?