Throughout our work with large urban districts across the country, we have sought to promote and disseminate best practices through tailored on the ground support. Currently, strong programs and services exist to support the critical roles of principals, superintendents, general managers and emerging leaders. However, very few resources exist to prepare and specifically support human capital leaders in urban school districts. We partner with organizations to design and deliver customized workshops, training sessions, workshops, retreats, and practical tools to help improve school system human capital leadership across the sector. We engage with districts to support implementation through a range of structured activities, including:
  • Human Resources Functionality Assessment Compared to Human Capital Needs
  • Human Resources Teacher and Principal Quality Tools
  • Human Resources Functions – “Stop/Start/Continue”
  • Human Resources Process Redesign (Current State/Future State)
  • Contract or Agreement Review – Building Better Human Capital practices into Contracts
  • Yearlong Planning for Human Capital Initiatives
  • Human Capital Data Analysis
  • Managing Teacher Absences
  • Managing Teacher Resignations
  • Role of the Human Resources Partner (Talent Manager, Staffing Specialist, etc.)
  • Differentiated Human Resources Services to Schools Based on Student Needs
  • Human Resources Departments – Organizational Structure Design
  • Sample Agenda for HR Department Retreats on Strategic Reform
  • Managing Teacher Resignations
  • Building an HR Service Center for Transactional Efficiency
  • Peer Assistance and Review Panels and Programs for Teacher Evaluation Systems
  • Sample HR “Retreats” for entire staff in reform work
  • Executive Leadership Sustainability and Succession Plans
  • Principal Supervisors – Human Capital Roles and Functions
  • Building Sustainability for HR Reform Work
  • Preparing emerging education leaders for district leadership positions in human capital/ HR
  • Helping a new human capital leader facilitate a leadership team retreat to plan for the coming year
  • Inducting and training newly hired HR Partners to improve strategic talent support to schools
  • Designing training, tools and strategies to support regional superintendents/ Instructional Leadership Directors as HC managers


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