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The Academy has been established in response to the many critical issues urban school districts face that could be addressed–at least in part–by more integrated Human Resources support for Human Capital initiatives. Issues such as recruitment, retention, professional development, principal and teacher quality, and many others pose extremely difficult challenges to urban school districts. A strategic Human Resources division where all staff members know their roles and support every aspect of the urban reform movement is essential in addressing these challenges in ways that will provide long-term solutions.

Our Approach /  Process

  • Two annual meetings (April and October each year) of three days each over a three-year period for a team of four district participants. The Academy sessions will immerse the participants in ongoing high-level interaction with other urban districts and Human Resources/Human Capital experts.
  • Participants will receive a comprehensive toolkit with practical materials and concepts to apply in their home district setting.
  • Each participating district will be assigned a Human Capital Partner who will work with the team during and between Academy sessions to support the implementation of best practices. The Partners will make a minimum of four site visits per year to provide coaching and additional forms of support.
  • An online Academy Learning Community will be created for Academy participants to interact with other professionals between sessions. The Learning Community will be dynamic, tailored to the unique needs of participants, and geared to finding solutions to specific problems.

Become Part of The Urban Schools Human Capital Academy (USHCA)…

USHCA provides a dynamic environment focused on urban school districts’ human resources and human capital functions. Academy participants address mission-critical issues such as recruitment, retention, principal and teacher quality, and many others through a series of sustained interactions over a three-year period. If you are interested in having your district considered as part of our next cohort please fill out the simple form on the left.